05 April 2012

Last week ... in one sentence

Mon 26th: We've got a scorcher of a week coming up - should help my paint dry and put a smile on my face.

Tuesday 27th: I'm really surprised at how my nails are fixing themselves after so many years of abuse.

Wed 28th: It can be so hard to gauge a person's tone from an email or a letter - sometimes things can seem much harsher in written words.

Thurs 29th:  I managed to get a download of the New Girl theme tune and it been playing in my head all day! 

Fri 30th: I hate falling asleep on the sofa, especially when it happens at the end of a film or tv show you really wanted to watch.

Sat 31st:  Feeling pretty irritable today so I think some meditation is in order next week.

Sun 1st April: The new aquarium is set up and looking amazing!

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