My Story

I would love to call myself an artist when asked what I do for a living. Unfortunately, art isn’t my full time job as I am involved in the scientific field, and even though I spend a lot of time engaged in artistic pursuits, I’m still nervous and wary of giving myself the title of ‘artist’.

As a child I was constantly ‘making and doing’, but art disappeared from my life at the age of 14 when I was choosing which subjects to study at school - I decided I wanted to study textiles, but unfortunately you weren't allowed to study 2 creative subjects, so one had to give and that turned out to be art. By the time it came to choosing my next set of subjects, textiles was also dropped in favour of science. A Biological Sciences degree followed (eventually), and I thought that was my creative side dead and buried……until one day it just burst out and I had to start making things again!

I started by drawing out ideas and sewing plush creatures, and I've now progressed into improving my photography, drawing and painting. I have also started doodling and journaling, which has been so much fun and a great way to empty my very full mind! I hope you'll enjoy exploring my creations!

I have 3 shops on Etsy now; the original being Fur Will Fly, which is my plushie shop selling fun and unusual creatures, many of which are inspired by science; Photos Will Fly, which sells prints of photographs I have taken of landscapes and nature and the newest addition; We Will Fly, which sells all sorts of artwork and plush creatures. 
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