31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

A little summary of my Halloween weekend........

30 October 2010

The 365 Scientist - Days 99-102

Day 99

We spent the day at Sheffield Park in East Sussex today, and the 365 Scientist took a little break from roaming the parkland.

Day 100

Woo hoo! The 365 Scientist celebrated his 100th day in style! Yippee!
Day 101

The 365 Scientist and I were messing about with the camera this evening, experimenting with longer exposures - very retro!
Day 102

The 365 Scientist was checking out my new windows and making sure the fitters had done a good job!

29 October 2010

My current obsession!

I am easily obsessed by things - things I want to buy, things I want to do, the list goes on. My new obsession is cameras and photography. I've loved taking photos for ages now, and I have my favourite camera - my Sony HX5V which I love to bits, but I want more!
The macro feature on my Sony isn't great (only 10cm) and I was used to a better macro on my previous camera, so I bought a cheap Canon PowerShot A470 from Ebay a while ago because it takes super macro (cool name) photos at 1cm!! I'm so impressed with this setting. I'm thinking of doing a Macro 365 - for those who don't know, this means taking a macro photo every day for a year, and posting to a flickr group. Hoping to start this very soon.

Anyway, I was at my mums looking through some old photos from my childhood and beyond, when I realised how much I liked the old style photos - the way the colour is slightly odd and the edges are sometimes a little darker, and I asked my mum if she had any of their old cameras I could try using again. A few days later she appeared with a large Kodak cool bag full of cameras and films. The pride of the lot was my dad's Zenit EM camera, a manual SLR bought in 1977. Even the receipt was still there with the manual! I read through the book and realised this is one confusing camera! It took me well over half an hour to work out how to get the old film out and load a new one! I still don't know if I've even done it correctly. Aiming to start taking snaps soon.

I've also got my mums old camera, a Kodak ColorSnap 35, complete with sellotape to hold the case together! We're not sure if it still works as it looks like there is a shutter problem. Still, I've started a new film in there so I guess I just have to wait and see.

Well, my obsession continues........I discovered Lomography.com and just bought a Diana Mini with flash, a Holga 135BC (in purple!!!) and a Robot 3 lens camera  from eBay. The Holga takes photos with a vignette round them, the Diana Mini can take square photos or fit 2 small rectangular shots on 1 frame and the Robot takes 3 photos within a second in the same frame! You can also do multiple exposures on the Diana. Very exciting.

One day I want to save up for a digital SLR camera and lots of lenses......we can all dream I guess........

27 October 2010

Dubious Science Fact 11

The tooth is the only part of the human body that can’t repair itself.

The 365 Scientist - Days 95 - 98

Day 95

Tonight when I got home I caught the 365 Scientist with his hands in the sweet tin! Very naughty behaviour (although I can't blame him!).

Day 96

That looks a bit dangerous there 365 Scientist - be careful playing with electricity in the lab!

Day 97

The 365 Scientist giving his grey matter a workout with a crossword.

Day 98

The 365 Scientist had a little trouble with his breathing today so he had a bit of help from his inhaler. Poor thing.

25 October 2010

A quick hello........

I just wanted to let you know that I will be writing more blog posts soon. Life has just taken over the last couple of weeks but I'll be back so please don't all run away now I've finally lured some of you in! 

I have been busy creating art as part of my Experimental Art E Course and I will be sharing my exploits with you soon - many photos are an my Flickr account if you'd like a sneaky peek! I have loved the Experimental Photography challenges in particular - waving the camera at lights and other fun projects - and I plan to sell some prints of these images in Photos Will Fly very soon.

Christmas is now only 2 months away! Time to start making Christmas stock and thinking about present buying. I'd love to be organised and get my shopping done by the end of November but I say that every year! Maybe some handmade gifts for loved ones, or buy some handmade gifts from Etsy? 

See you all back here soon!

24 October 2010

The 365 Scientist - Days 91-94

Day 91

When I said we need to cut the grass soon, that wasn't quite what I meant! The 365 Scientist spent the best part of the day cutting my lawn with scissors - thankfully it's only tiny anyway.

Day 92

The 365 Scientist came for a walk in the park today and had great fun playing in the leaves!

Day 93

The 365 Scientist making his autumn 'found items' collage for our experimental art course, using the things he picked up on our walk yesterday. Great job!
Day 94

The 365 Scientist with the Three Lions! They were enjoying the England football match and really got in the spirit as you can see.

16 October 2010

The 365 Scientist - Days 87-90

Day 87

The 365 Scientist is missing the mild light evenings as much as I am. He did try to venture out in the garden for a cuppa this evening but it was just too dark and cold to sit out there. Roll on summer!

Day 88

The 365 Scientist carrying out some art appreciation of my work. Hope he is impressed.

Day 89

The 365 Scientist was a great help with my experiment today - that machine confuses me, but it was all in a day's work for him!

Day 90

After a couple of sales in my Etsy shop, the 365 Scientist and I packaged them up ready to take to the post office today.

14 October 2010

The 365 Scientist - Days 83-86

Day 83

I'm no expert on horseriding but I don't think you're meant to make the horse collapse like that! Maybe the 365 Scientist is just too heavy to ride Magic the Horse.

Day 84

The 365 Scientist took advantage of my new felt letters to spell out a message to toy, his adoring fans!

Day 85

The 365 Scientist tucked into a bag of candyfloss today and found himself experiencing his first proper sugar rush, followed by the big come down. It wasn't a pretty sight. Still, all in the name of science!

Day 86

Who's that hiding in the bunch of flowers? It's the 365 Scientist of course!

13 October 2010

Dubious Science Fact 10

When traveling at 50 miles per hour (80 kilometres per hour), cars use around half of their fuel just to overcome wind resistance.

12 October 2010


I haven't written a new blog post for over a week, I am now officially behind with my experimental art e course, my house is a mess with art materials everywhere, it's getting cold and dark early, I've not done any sewing this week and I have to stay at work until late tonight (really annoying as I had my evening planned), and I'm now in a BAD MOOD.

Well, one good thing has come out of this - I've just had the idea to create a bad mood plush creature! He can have an angry, fed up face and maybe folded arms and slumped shoulders. Basically I can copy exactly what I look like now!

It's more annoying that I have to stay on late because I got in to work a bit earlier this morning especially as I was planning on going to the gym, watching the England footie match, writing some blog posts, listing a couple of items in my shop and finishing the collage I started the other day for my course. Now I won't get home until late so I'll have missed most of the football and probably be too tired to do much else except eat and take my 365 Scientist photo for the day.

Well, moan over. Although I still don't think I've explained how much I hate the fact it's getting dark so much earlier now - I despise winter and being cold all the time. Urrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh. Hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yuk. 

06 October 2010

The 365 Scientist - Days 79-82

Day 79

The 365 Scientist is sad about summer ending but is looking forward to all the fun that the colder months bring too. He decided to lap up the last bit of warmth in the garden by making a grass angel - think it works better in snow.

Day 80

The 365 Scientist trying to look cute and innocent after savagely biting the head off a poor defenceless jelly baby! Can't blame him really - they are very tasty, especially the pink ones!

Day 81

Oh dear, the 365 Scientist had a mouth ulcer today so he had to raid the medicine cupboard for some Bonjela gel. Good job I had some.

Day 82

The 365 Scientist managed to stress himself out this evening contemplating one of the big questions!

Dubious Science Fact 9

Saturn would float if you could find an ocean big enough.

If only we could...........

04 October 2010

In the News: Carlashes and Cartashes!

There is apparently a craze sweeping the nation for people to adorn their cars with carlashes and carstaches - yes, you're not mistaken, that does mean eyelashes and moustaches for your car!

CarLashes and Carstaches are a fun way to decorate your car, and I guess they could be kind of cute. Can't really see them catching on though. Be sure to check out those links - the moustaches are particularly amusing!

Please leave a comment if anyone has seen any out on the roads!

02 October 2010

The 365 Scientist - Days 75-78

Day 75

The tomato crop is in full swing and the 365 Scientist was in charge of collecting them from the garden. Not sure how many actually made it into the kitchen!

Day 76

Is that the ethanol bottle you've got open there 365 Scientist? I wondered why you kept sneaking off to the flammable liquids cupboard - that is unacceptable behaviour!

Day 77

We had a bad day so decided that ordering a takeaway would be a good comfort! I let the 365 Scientist choose and I think he's going with Chinese food. Good choice.

Day 78

I'm not quite sure if the 365 Scientist was helping me unload the washing machine or messing about!
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