03 April 2012

C is for...Cameras

Today's topic just had to be cameras. There was no other option. Cameras are like shoes - a girl can never have too many. I can't anyway. So I thought I'd share a selection of cute or unusual cameras I've spotted whilst trawling the net.

A good place to find film cameras is lomography.com as they have loads of designs and colour options too. I particularly like the leopard print Diana mini, and the 'I love you' Fisheye no.2:

Another good place to discover new cameras and useful photography-related gear is the awesome photojojo.com. I've placed a couple of orders in the past and you get great service, fast shipping from the USA to UK and a free toy dinosaur with every package! What more could you want? The Holga twin lens with colour flash (and smiley face) is one of my faves.

If you don't mind ordering from Asia, eBay has some fab bargains on 35mm toy cameras too. I bought a purple Holga from Hong Kong and it arrived within a week! The Holga meow camera would be a fun addition to a camera collection, as it makes actual cat sounds when you press the shutter!!

Source: ebay.co.uk via Claire on Pinterest

Some other finds on eBay include another cat camera (although this one is digital), and the Pentax NB1000 Nanoblock camera - what could possibly be better than a 14MP digital camera with basically a Lego board attached to the front?! You can build anything you want on it! Lego Bench Monday would look great on there!

Source: ebay.co.uk via Claire on Pinterest

Source: ebay.co.uk via Claire on Pinterest

If factory produced cameras are not for you, how about making your own? You can actually build your own Holga from a DIY kit, or glue together your own paper pinhole camera!

Source: ebay.co.uk via Claire on Pinterest

I've saved the most amazing until last........a Polaroid camera that is both instant AND digital!!!! This blows my little mind.


Angela Felsted said...

You have some pretty amazing cameras here. I especially like the kitty one.

Jennifer Cluff said...

WoW - those are some cool cameras! Never thought of cameras like shoes, but with ones like that I can certainly agree with that statement :)
Stopping by from A to Z

Anonymous said...

Great post! I'm in love with several of these. Especially the Lego cameras and the Polaroid at the end. So much awesome.

Also stopping by from A-Z

Krissy. :)

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