04 April 2012

A couple of weeks ago....in one sentence

Aaah, I'd forgotten to publish the last 2 weeks of my one sentence journal. Better late than never.

Mon 19th: Perhaps I should just give in and join Twitter; after all, these one sentence journals are just daily tweets I suppose.

Tues 20th: The film Revolver makes no sense at all, so I had to look up the synopsis online - now I get it (kind of).

Wed 21st: I just peeled a carrot in the bathroom; and that's not some sort of euphemism, I'm having my kitchen repaired and my house is all over the place.

Thurs 22nd: It is so much nicer getting someone else to do the tricky tiling in my kitchen, and it looks great.

Friday 23rd: The kitchen is complete, but now my work in there begins.

Saturday 24th: I'd forgotten how solvent based paint can make you feel kinda woosy!

Sunday 25th: Painting doors with glass in them is not fun.


M. J. Joachim said...

You sound like a very busy lady...wishing you only good things and lots of time to watch your soap:)

Texas Yellow Rose said...

Okay, I giggled at the comment about peeling a carrot in the bathroom! Thanks! Found your blog via the A-to-Z Challenge; hope you're having fun with it!

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