01 April 2012

A is for......Aquarium

This year I am taking part in the April A to Z blog challenge again, which I hope will be a great motivation to blog about different subjects, and to discover some new blogs to read too. Many participants tend to write posts on a theme, and mine is 'stuff I like'!!! I figured it should be pretty easy to stay motivated with the challenge if I'm writing about things I really enjoy.

This weekend I set up my second little aquarium. If you've read my blog before you'll know that the 4 little goldfish I bought back in January were my first pets EVER, and I am heading towards the big 3-0 so that is quite something. 

Well I heard about a fish tank for sale for a very good price and decided to get some neighbours for the goldfish. The tank turned out to be even better than I hoped and it even has a heater so I could buy tropical fish too. 

I know nothing about fish so I walked round the pet shop pointing out pretty fish I liked, and my expert boyfriend told me whether I could get them or not! My only stipulation for the tank was that I could buy the gorgeous rainbow ornament I saw last time we were fish shopping. I think the tank looks amazing now - the new fish have a funky, colourful home to swim around:

The angel fish were a definite for me as soon as I discovered that if you move your hand side to side in front of the tank they would all turn the same way, as if they were watching a tennis match! I definitely need to learn how to take some better fish photos, but these didn't come out too badly in the end:


Deborah Cardinal said...

Congrats on your new pets! & I love that photo of the one with the rainbow :D

Fur Will Fly said...

Ah, thanks Deb - I was surprised it came out seeing as they kept moving just as I took the shots!

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