30 June 2011

Number 21 - Go to a sandy beach and build sandcastles.

Yay, while I was on holiday I managed to complete one of the items on my 30 before 30 list! Well I just had to take advantage of the beautiful Cornish sandy beaches and build some sandcastles. Now they weren't masterpieces but I just wanted to recreate some happy memories of playing on the beach from when I was little, and I definitely managed that!

The 365 Scientist fulfilled his sandcastle dream too!

21 June 2011

I'm back!

Well my holiday is all over and it's back to reality. I spent all day Sunday feeling very weird and yearning to be back in the West Country. I don't mind where I live but I love being by the coast and surrounded by quiet countryside. Kent has some lovely countryside too, but it's so much busier here and hard for me to get to without a car. 

Still, I have lots to catch up on and hundreds of photos to sort through, so I will be kept very busy. I've been enjoying my 365 Self project so far although it is going to be hard to create such different shots now I'm back to work and limited by location. I guess I will need to make friends with my camera flash and get creative with the environment I have!
I will be working on a new blog schedule as soon as I get round to it, and posting lots! I will return very soon!

09 June 2011

The 30 Before 30 Project

I'm quite excited about this new project I will be undertaking, starting on my birthday which is tomorrow (yay!). I have been thinking about it and planning it for the last month or so and it is time to announce it on here. Tomorrow I turn 29. That means I have one whole year left before I reach the big 3-0. I don't know quite how that has happened and where time has gone, but it is true. 

I have known for the last year how I want to celebrate turning 30 - I want to go up in a hot air balloon. I know it looks peaceful and serene but I think it will be terrifying. It must be pretty scary because so far I have no takers for coming with me! Either that or noone likes me. Anyway, that is a year away, so back to this project. I didn't want to just wait until a special birthday to do something amazing - I want to make this whole next year amazing. The last few years have been difficult and I feel like I want to do something just for me.

The idea itself is around in the blog world already, and when I saw it I knew it would be perfect. I have created a list of 30 things I want to do in the coming year. Some things are small, some are large, some are serious and others are just plain silly!


1. Spend time alone is a coffee shop with a book and/or a sketchbook.  

2. Submit some plush toys to Stuffed magazine.

3. Learn how to chop food properly (like chefs do!) with a decent knife.

4. Go to a meditation class.

5. Read at least 10 classic books I really should have read.

6. Learn how to use layering in Photoshop Elements.

7. Go on the London Eye.

8. Try an oyster in WHitstable.

9. Have an eye test.

10. Try all the main types of tea.

11. Go camping for at least 1 night.

12. Make a pair of earrings.

13. Embelish an item of clothing found in a charity shop.

14. Go on a river cruise on the Thames.

15. Learn how to competently use my Zenit-EM camera and take at least 1 roll of each type of film - normal C41 colour negative film, black and white film and E6 slide film.

16. Complete a 365 self-portrait project, starting on my birthday.

17. Wear a wig for a whole day (and go out in public with it!).

18. Try eating an egg cooked using all the main methods - poached, boiled, fried, scrambled, omelette.

19. Set off a load of sky lanterns.

20. Watch 10 classic films I really should have seen.

21. Go to a sandy beach and build sandcastles.

22. Have a Shiatsu massage.

23. Discover at least 1 new musical artist every month (new to me at least).

24. Put together a photo album/scrapbook of my life so far, and document this 30th year fully.

25. Cook at least 12 new things from recipes (roughly 1 a month).

26. Have a proper picnic for an afternoon with a proper picnic hamper.

27. Display my artwork somewhere.

28. Run at least 13 miles (a half marathon distance).

29. Host a wine tasting evening with friends/family, and hopefully learn a little about wine, not just get drunk!).

30. Set up my photography shop properly - have a professional looking shop with at least 30 items in it.

I also have a spare one in case there are unforseen circumstances that mean I can't complete a task: Do 5 things that scare me.

And there we go. I really am quite excited about it all! Here's to the next year!

04 June 2011

A Relaxing Summer Evening

It was a lovely summer afternoon yesterday and I spent the evening in my garden until the sun went down. I was all on my own but that was OK. I enjoyed it. I treated myself to my favourite food, a glass of wine, a good book and some time with my camera. Life isn't all that bad after all.


03 June 2011

Sixty-four Colors - Scarlet

I do love red so scarlet was quite an easy colour for me. Lately I've been very drawn to bright flashes of red and I love to wear my red hat, shrug, lipstick and earrings (although not all at the same time - perhaps that would be overdoing it slightly). Here are my scarlet snaps then:

01 June 2011

Baking Day In Pictures

I spent part of Bank Holiday Monday doing some baking. It's something I do enjoy, but something I rarely do. Partly because of all the mess it creates (all the mess I create; I'm sure mess isn't essential) and partly because I know I'll have to end up eating all that sugar and fat. Well, I was inspired to make some biscuits with the chocolate mint plant I bought a few weeks ago. The leaves really do smell like Aero mint chocolate! I made lavender biscuits and cake last year and thought I'd just replace the lavender with the choc mint leaves. Well, then I got to thinking I might as well make a cake too, if I'm going to be creating all that mess anyway!

The biscuits didn't quite turn out as planned - they were more like weird cake-biscuit hybrids, but they were yummy. I made half with chocolate mint (with extra chocolate chips) and half with lavender. All this activity gave me a chance to try out the 'food' scene program on my new camera, so here is my afternoon in pictures:

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