24 October 2013

Commuter Problems - a Twitter series.

After finding the single best Twitter account the other day, called Very British Problems, and squawking "this is me!" between uncontrollable laughter on reading nearly every tweet, I decided to start my own little Twitter series.

Every day the human beings of this world surprise me, and this has never been more obvious than on the commute in London. Unfortunately, most of these little surprises are nothing more than unpleasant examples of rudeness. If the British are generally thought to be polite, then I am scared to know what it's like in other big cities. (Of course I know not everyone commuting is British).

And so, #CommuterProblems was born. I have been on Twitter for a few months but more in a skulking/stalking capacity. I've retweeted the odd funny message, usually to do with Karl Pilkington, or tweeted Turin Brakes/Olly Knight about how awesome their music is (and got a reply!), but I'd never actually used this whole hashtag thing. I thought about setting up a separate Twitter account but someone beat me to the name. Grrr. So, if you are as deeply affected by a commute as me, please come follow me, and share your own issues too! 

You can find me here...............

10 October 2013

Commuter problems No.1

Check out my new Twitter series straight from the London commute: https://twitter.com/camerawillfly/status/388216164352274432

No.1: When you continually get barged by a rucksack attached to a man seemingly practising his discus spin.

02 October 2013

Meeting my musical heroes.....yay!

I have now had the absolute pleasure of meeting one third of my own personal heroes. Being an introvert personality (more on that to follow soon), there aren't many famous people that I would actually want to say hello to, but Turin Brakes are definitely on that list. And on Monday I got to do just that. They were performing and signing in a record store called Fopp in Covent Garden to promote their latest album, We Were Here.

I was lucky enough to receive my preordered copy through the post on Saturday and had been listening to it on repeat ever since. I had been feeling a bit down, but as soon as I put the album on I was surrounded by a lovely warm comforting feeling. I'm going to write more of an album review later on so I won't say too much now.

I've never been to a signing in a store before so I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but we all queued up outside and were ushered in to a cleared space downstairs. They came out and sang 3 songs from the new album and 2 old favourites, including my second favourite song of all time (Underdog). They were fantastic as always, and it sounded great being in such close proximity.

I have to admit to being very nervous waiting to get my album sleeve signed - I find talking to people I don't know pretty difficult anyway, especially the dreaded small talk, but actually being face to face with the people who have created such beautiful music that really has meant an awful lot to me, was a bit scary. I decided to just tell them that I thought the new album was like a great big musical hug. And that really is true. If you're in need of some comfort, go order it. Until you do, here is a sneak peak.....

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the other 2 people on my list to meet are Som Wardner from My Vitriol and the legend that is Karl Pilkington!
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