29 May 2009

Where's Tigsy?

Can anyone guess?

No, he didn't manage to wangle a holiday to Egypt, he was along the Embankment in London! Tigsy was amazed by the pair of sphinxes along the Thames, and couldn't wait to get to the library and start learning about the Ancient Egyptians. He's discovered that the British Museum has loads of Egyptian artefacts and has started planning a trip there very soon. I expect I'd better go with him, to make sure he doesn't get up to any mischief! Look forward to reading his blog post on it soon...

28 May 2009

The Plush Team

I'm lucky enough to be a member of the fabulous Plush Team on Etsy. We are a team of almost 50 members, all with etsy shops selling unique handmade plushies. So if you like all things soft and cuddly why not venture on over to our blog where we regularly post our challenge items and discuss what's going on in the world of plush.

To visit the blogs of other plush team members please click on the blog ring button in the sidebar on this page. We all have very unique styles so you're bound to find something to make you smile!

25 May 2009

Tigsy looks forward to summer......

Here in the UK, summer is just around the corner (we hope) and the sun has already started to put in the odd appearance. This got Tigsy very excited as he thoroughly enjoyed catching the rays last year. So, after a particularly beautiful day yesterday, he packed a bag with his suncream, sunglasses and beach towel ready to head to the coast this morning, only to wake up to grey skies and rain. Determined to make the best of it, he laid on his beach towel with his sunnies on in the garden under the clouds instead!

22 May 2009

Feature Creature......is back! Hurrah!

And this week it is the turn of..............

...................'I'm a Quitter'!

Here's someone who's quit the habit and proud of it! With a scrunched up cigarette in one hand, (a fabric one of course), and an 'I Quit' rosette in the other, this plushie is showing off her new healthy lungs!

She had been a smoker all her life, some 2 months, and it just all got too much for her one day when she was training for the annual plushie fun run, and couldn't even reach the other side of the room! It was no good, she just had to quit. Within a few weeks she was living completely smoke free and some of the other plushies made her a special rosette to show her how proud they were of her.

She would love to go to a non-smoking home, or to someone who is at least trying to kick the habit. She'll no doubt provide a lot of encouragement and share tips on how she managed to give up the cigarettes so that you can be a quitter too!

21 May 2009

Plush Construction

Just thought I'd share with you a couple of images of some plushies in mid-construction - mainly to show that I am actually still making things (although admittedly I have been quite lax with my sewing of late, and these pics were taken a little while ago, but shush....don't tell anyone!!).

As you can see, my completed plush zombies enjoy presiding over the construction of new members of their zombie family - which can be a little scary!

05 May 2009

New greetings cards....

.....coming soon!

I have a whole load of funky cards featuring my plushies just waiting to be listed in my shop. There will probably be an offer on these new cards for a limited time, so be quick!!
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