28 March 2013

Things I Love Thursday

Great nail varnish. After giving up biting my nails last year I was thrown into the previously unknown world of nail varnish with its million colours, brands and techniques. I pretty quickly discovered that OPI varnishes were some of the best out there (and they have awesome names), but they can be a bit pricey when you start wanting all the colours of the rainbow. Being on a budget that is almost non-existent at the moment, I have to venture into the super bargain priced varnishes if I want a new colour, and I've discovered a little gem in NYC Quick Dry Nail Polish. I bought 2 colours on offer in Superdrug for just £2.99! 

The metallic one I'm showing off below is called Full Metal Jacket, and it really is a great quality polish. I am super impressed. Thankfully I still have plenty of my Save the Nail Colour Extending Basecoat, and I've yet to find a better top coat than Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat which means drying my nails takes only about a minute.

Being inspired. Sometimes for no apparent reason you just stop doing something you love, and this has happened to me lately with film photography. I have a few 35mm cameras but haven't felt like using them at all. I could give a number of excuses - namely the price to get them developed and the lack of attractive places to go near me, but I know I could find something to photograph if I got my motivation back. Well thanks to a new project by Deb (Girl With Butterfly Wings), and seeing how much she loves film photography, I'm being tempted back to have another go. Her project is 52 Weeks of Film, and the new Flickr group for anyone else inspired is here.

Rediscovering an old album. I have a growing playlist on Windows Media Player called Favourites Ever, and I add to it whenever I think a song deserves its place. I was listening to it today and one band that really stuck out was Haven. I saw them back in 2002-ish at a festival, and loved their first album 'Between the Senses'. I've been listening to it again this afternoon and it really is one of my favourite albums. Its always nice to bring back some musical memories. Shame they only made 2 albums.

26 March 2013

Tuesday Tunes

I'm choosing this week's song based mainly on the video - I happened to see it on a music channel while flicking through them the other day, and thought it was brilliant. The song isn't too bad either.

Pompeii by Bastille

25 March 2013

Fight Fight Fight! Lego Bench Monday

Who would win between a weightlifter and a sumo wrestler? There's only one way to find out...........

19 March 2013

Tuesday Tunes

While flicking through Twitter the other day I was so surprised to read that the album Ether Song by Turin Brakes was now 10 whole years old! It's strange because that time of my life is made so incredibly clear whenever I play it. I remember buying it from Sainsbury on my way to work (I worked nights back then), and being so excited about playing it as soon as I got home the next morning. And I still love playing it just as much now. But 10 years though! And it still has the label on!!

This is one of my favourites from the album, Average Man. 

18 March 2013

An Eight-Legged Lego Bench Monday

Fed up with life on the web, this little guy is taking a comfort break.

12 March 2013

Tuesday Tunes

I can't even begin to describe how much I love this guy's music and voice. This is taken from the debut solo album of Olly Knights from Turin Brakes. I could literally listen to him sing all day every day. I thought his solo songs would just sound like another Turin Brakes album, but I was wrong. It was recorded at his house on an 8 track reel and the sound is just breathtaking. It is like he is playing right in the room with you, and sharing something very personal. If you like the sound, I recommend watching the documentary If Not Now When so you can see how it was made, and be as blown away by it all as I was. 

There is just something so beautiful about this melody............

07 March 2013

Things I Love Thursday

I really need to get back on here more so I am going to try a trusted blog favourite with Things I Love Thursday. As I wrote last week, things are pretty rubbish at the moment as I don't have a job. Job hunting is not the most rewarding activity, as most of the time you don't even hear back after applying. Still, I know I will find something eventually. I've been making sure I do some productive (and fun) activities too, and I've been taking loads of photos. I'm hoping this blog feature will highlight all the positive things in the world!

☼ The return of The Vampire Diaries on ITV2. Yes, it is a guilty pleasure of mine. But is is genuinely a pretty good show. It has a great character in Damon, who can be incredibly evil yet strangely likeable anyway, and some strong female characters as witches and vampires too. Well worth watching.

☼ Managing to run 5K again on my treadmill without stopping or walking. I have kind of had an exercise hiatus of late, but I'm determined to make that change. I was worried that I'd never be able to run (well, jog) again, but I've managed relatively easily to get going again. Yay.

☼ The Pocket Budget app on Android. Having no money is a really depressing thing, and the little money I do have seems to just disappear. Well, I'm hoping this app will help me track and manage my miserable little budget. You just add your income and expenses for an easy way to watch the pennies. No gimmicks.

☼ Photographing my mum's old vintage toys. I've loved having the chance to photograph some real vintage toys, and it seems other people have enjoyed seeing them in my Flickr shots too. Happiness all round!

04 March 2013

Wrecking Lego Bench Monday

Uh oh, looks like this lumberjack has gone rogue. Still has time for a sit down though.
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