06 January 2009

Feature Creature 5

The first lucky plushie of 2009 is...........

........................Audrey the Alli-Cat!

Audrey is part alligator, part cat and is a member of the Hybrids, a family of odd but lovable creatures.In the wild, alli-cats love freshwater environments, but Audrey much prefers a comfortable sofa and a TV. Still, she has been known to casually lurk around birdbaths and feeders. She is a stealthy hunter, capable of short bursts of speed to catch her prey (or rather the saucer of milk or cat food you hide for her).

Find Audrey in my shop!

02 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Hope you all enjoyed the holidays!
I had plenty of:

And now need a lot of:
Happy 2009!
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