11 April 2011

I is for Immune Cells

By day I work with white blood cells of the immune system, and weirdly these cells have inspired my plush making. I haven't made all the different blood cells yet but have made a start!

Here we have the red blood cell:

The macrophage:

The neutrophil:

The monocyte:

I'm aiming to finish making a basophil, eosinophil, B cell and T cell soon!!


i.ikeda said...

I love the red blood cell! How cute can you get? I bet some med school/nursing/health sciences students would love one of these.

Angela Felsted said...

You are super creative. I have never seen anything like this before.

Missy said...

I didn't know blood cells could be so cute!

SharleneT said...

Way too cool! These would be great in pediatrician's offices to keep the little ones amused; don't you think? You need sales rep. Do you have a catalog? Just an idea.

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