26 March 2012

Sunny Lego Bench Monday

This lucky young Lego lady found a very kind gentleman to help her avoid the hot sunshine today. It looks like he may be struggling a bit with that umbrella though.

23 March 2012

My Panda Heart- A Weekend Outfit

One of my first ever knitted creations had to be shown off even though it was a sunny day. I'm really quite proud of it as you might be able to tell!

Jumper: Select
Scarf: Knitted by me, adapted using a pattern for a single heart shape
Ring: Topshop
Watch: Storm 

19 March 2012

Boring Lego Bench Monday

At least one of them looks like they're having a good time. I do hope this isn't their first date.

18 March 2012

This Week In....One Sentence

Mon 12th: It is sad I know, but I'm really looking forward to watching the final of The Biggest Loser this week!!

Tues 13th: Work on fixing my kitchen after the leak months ago is finally underway - it will be so nice to have a proper kitchen back.

Wed 14th: I thought the weather was supposed to be warm for a few weeks - I'm freezing today and I'm already wearing 2 jumpers.

Thurs 15th: This month's new music CD has arrived and I'm loving it so far - will write about Martina Topley-Bird soon.

Fri 16th: Friday is now known as New Girl day - hurrah for Jess, and I have a major girl crush on Zooey Deschanel.

Sat 17th: My TV died this morning - R.I.P. old friend.

Sun 18th: Bought a bargain fish tank so there will e some new additions to my menagerie soon!

12 March 2012

Naked Lego Bench Monday!

I say, that's a bit risque for a Bench Monday isn't it?! Oh it's OK, she does have a strategically placed leaf attempting to cover her modesty, and it is all in the name of art, darling.

11 March 2012

One Sentence Journals

8th March: "The GPS coordinates came bundled in a proprietary packet"; if I see that NCIS trailer one more time I will scream.

9th March: I can't seem to stop internet shopping at the moment because there are just so many cool things I really want.

10th March: Iron Man 2 is nowhere near as good as the first film, but at least Robert Downey Jr is still just as pleasing to the eye!

11th March: I ate a massive cream-filled Belgian bun today and I don't feel too guilty about it yet. 

Oh Deer - A Weekend Outfit

I snagged a fab bargain with this cute little jumper....

Jumper: Yumi
Skirt: Diesel
Socks: Primark
Shoes: Fly London
Nail varnish: Don't Mess with O.P.I. by O.P.I.
And yes, it is a wig! 

06 March 2012

One Sentence Journal - 3rd-6th March

3rd: The third takeaway meal in as many days is not good news for my waistline - oops!

4th: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Huh? I didn't get it.

5th: It is so hard for me to ever be 100% about huge life changing decisions, but right now I'd settle for 75%

6th: My new favourite snack is a tiny bowl of dry Frosties (well, Asda's own) - there's nothing worse to me than soggy cereals.

And to avoid my blog looking messy, I think I'll start publishing a week of the One Sentence Journal in one neat post on a Sunday. I can still right it through the week and save it as a draft. It just looks too untidy and chaotic otherwise!

Best of...January

Since my post the other day on the reasons behind 365 projects and the benefits of reviewing your goals, I thought it might help to do a little review of each month - the best photos, any news, things I learnt or did, etc. It would also help me remember what goes on in my life too. If I can remember back that far, I'll fill you in on January (I have to do all 12 months of this year else it will trouble me!).

♥ So, 2012 began with the obligatory New Year's resolution to stop biting my damn nails, and I made it through the month with my trusty Nail Biting Solution. I've lost count how many times I've tried to do this in the past, with very varied degrees of success. Maybe this time it will be different (yeah, yeah). 

♥ It was very sad taking down the Christmas decorations, but I replaced them with the many origami models I furiously made throughout the month.

♥ I started taking outfit posts every weekend which has already helped with posing and the practicalities of using a tripod and timer, and with focusing the camera completely unaided.

♥ 4 little fishes joined my household, I found the best mug ever in Poundland, and my phone got a late Christmas present.

♥ I learnt to knit! (sort of)

♥ Lego Bench Monday began!

♥ I discovered the fabulous 'colour sketch' effect on my Nikon D5100.

♥ The worst part of the month was the awful news that Picnik is closing. On the brightside, because of that I discovered Camera Bag 2! Still not found anywhere to create such awesome collages as Picnik, or to do some of my favourite other effects. I'm still angry. Grrrr.

Ellenburg Photography started a Project 52 which I love taking part in and challenging myself to come up with fresh ideas.

♥ My favourite 365 Self photos of the month:

05 March 2012

"Say Cheese", it's Lego Bench Monday!

A nice traditional photo of 3 generations of the Lego family - son, father and gramps. One for the album!

02 March 2012

One Sentence Journal

I've reached the 25 series recording limit on my HDD recorder - I didn't realise I enjoyed that many programmes!

01 March 2012

One Sentence Journal

I was planning on writing a blog post this evening but I'm really not feeling well - staring at a computer screen is the last thing I feel like doing when my head is pounding.

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