15 October 2012

Poorly me...

Just a very quick note to say I'll be back blogging soon - I'm just a little under the weather.

05 October 2012

Fashion Find Friday - Knitwear

I can't help but fall in love with patterned knitwear. There are so many fabulous designs out at the moment, and I've collected some of my favourites here. I think I'm going to have to pay a visit to Dorothy Perkins soon - they have some great stuff on their website, and often have 10 or 20% off weekends. But which one to choose....

1. Oatmeal Mr Fox Sweat, Internacionale £12.99
2. Glamorous Owl Knit Jumper, Republic £30
3. Beige Badger Jumper, Dorothy Perkins £30
4. Cream Flecked Rabbit Face Jumper, New Look £22.99

 5.Charcoal Rib Cage Heart Sweat, Internacionale £12.99
6. Fox and Friends Sweater, Sugarhill Boutique £48.00
7. Louche Windsor Corgi Intarsia Jumper, Joy £45.00
8. Swan Jumper, Miss Selfridge £39.00

9. Nude Bobble Heart Jumper, Dorothy Perkins £32.00
10. Bronze Bird Embellished Jumper, Dorothy Perkins, £32.00 
11. Rust Contrast Hearts Jumper, Apricot, £33.00
12. Misumi Navy Polka Dot Peter Pan Collar Eyelash Jumper, New Look £29.99

03 October 2012

Electrifying Lego Bench Mon(Wednes)day

There is some scary stuff happening around the lego bench at the moment in the lead up to Halloween. Looks like Dr Mad Scientist has finally created that monster.

02 October 2012

Tuesday Tunes

Here is a mega classic song, and one of my favourites of all time. And they are awesome live!

Weak by Skunk Anansie

28 September 2012

Fashion Find Friday: Owl versus Pussycat

So the owl and the pussycat were best of friends then huh? But what we'd all like to know, is who is best? There's only one way to find out.............fight!

I've marked my favourite of each bout with a little blue heart - but which do you prefer - owl or pussycat...you decide.....
Ivory Owl Motif T-shirt, Dorothy Perkins £10
Miso Love Style T-shirt, Republic, £15

Inspire Monochrome Owl Print Jumper, New Look £27.99
Louche Kat Intarsia Jumper, Joy £45

Owl Print Smock Blouse, Dorothy Perkins £25.60
ASOS Shirt with Cat Embroidery, ASOS £24

Mini Owl Dress, Yumi £45
Cat and Tree Print Dress, Yumi £38

Beige Owl Dress, Dorothy Perkins £28
Louche Chat Dress, Joy £40

The pussycat came out on top (3-2) for me! 

I even found some more cute little accessories too. And I had fun trying out my Bamboo Pen Tablet preparing these collages...
Cat Ears Watch, ASOS £20
Cat Face Ring, ASOS £8
Teens Brown Owl Fur Coin Purse, New Look £4.99
 Helen Owl Face Watch, River Island £15

Owl Knitted Trapper Hat, New Look £9.99
Louche Owl Necklace, Joy £6
Sugar Reef Black Owl Bag, Dorothy Perkins £25
Grey Owl and Pussycat Socks, New Look £1.99

27 September 2012

Welcome Autumn - Project 52

I've been casually eyeing up the pattern to knit these leaves for a while now, and I finally had a reason! They were actually pretty simple. The pattern can be found in the book '75 Birds and Butterflies to Knit & Crochet' by Lesley Stanfield if anyone is interested in having a go themselves.

The best bit about autumn for me is looking at (and photographing) all the gorgeous leaves and colours, but I had to give nature a hand because the trees aren't all that pretty round my way just yet!

26 September 2012

Garage Sale Booty

A nearby village run a special garage sale day each year, where 50+ different houses can sell their wares. Armed with a map of the village with all participants marked out, we began the rummage. I came away quite happy in the end, with a a few bargains and fun items....

This wooden sign for my kitchen........

Some chemistry measuring cylinders to display with my other glasses, a vintage toffee tin to store my small acrylic paint tubes and a pristine copy of The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins (for 30p!)....

And the best bargain of all, another printers tray for just £5! I bought 2 of these on eBay a while back which I spray painted and use to display my bits and bobs (mostly toys I admit!).....

Can't wait to get this tray painted up!

25 September 2012

Tuesday Tunes

I've been rocking out lately, and this track on the end credits of Avengers Assemble caught my ears. I actually quite enjoyed the film, even though I'm not really one for Superhero films generally. I do have a soft spot for Iron Man though - thought the first Iron Man film was brilliant (the second one not so much). Decided he is absolutely the best one of the Avengers - he can fly, is strong, incredibly clever, witty, and has a very cool outfit/suit. Thor is pretty useful with that controlling the weather mojo too. Anyways, I'm rambling on. Here is the music.........

Live to Rise by Soundgarden

24 September 2012

Sam and Dean love Lego Bench Monday

Yay, Supernatural season 7 is up on Netflix!!! That's me busy for a while then.  

The Vampire Diaries season 3 is on there too which won't last me long. I did watch 2 episodes of Gossip Girl and 1 episode of Charmed, in search for the next show to obsess over. They were both OK so I'll carry on with them once I've finished the others. 

21 September 2012

Fashion Find Friday: Bunnies and Bling

To some tiny extent I think this increase in online Pinterest shopping is helping to control my 'real' shopping urges. Don't get me wrong, I'm far from being cured, but collecting pretty stuff on my boards is definitely going some way to give me that new clothes buzz, without the disappearing money. Of course the downside is that when I go to my wardrobe thinking I'll wear that funky new find, it isn't actually there. I think I'm being much more fussy about what I spend my money on though, as I sometimes go off certain clothes pretty quickly - there are a few finds on my board that I wonder why I added them in the first place. Thank God for Primark for a cheap fashion fix!

Anyway, this week I found lots of bunny designs and some bling! I'm not usually one for sparkly stuff, but I was watching an episode of the TV soap Doctors the other other day, and a character was wearing a completely sequin covered dress and I loved it, so I've searched out some pretty ones today.......

Isn't this the cutest bunny jumper in the whole wide world!? I want it............
Bunny Jumper by Miss Selfridge, £39

Knitted Mirror Bunny Jumper by Topshop, £46

And what about a bunny print prom dress?

Bunny print prom dress by Dorothy Perkins, £45
And if you have a spare £2000, this little fella can be all yours....... (£2000!!!!)............

Carolina Herrera, £2000

Now, time for that bling I promised you. If you really want to sparkle, how about this little number from Thirty7..............

Sequin prom dress by Thirty7 at Republic, £55
Or for a slightly more toned down look (in a stunning colour)........

Sequin 2 in 1 dress by Thirty7 at Republic, £42
And last but not least........

Pink sequin tee by Miss Selfridge, £28

19 September 2012

Tuesday Tunes (on a Wednesday again)

When this song was on the Dior perfume advert last Christmas I was always singing along, so I just had to download it. And it's even better when you hear the whole song. Enjoy!

Heavy Cross by Gossip

17 September 2012

Chosen Lego Bench Monday

In every generation there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of Lego darkness. She is the Slayer. 

14 September 2012

Fashion Find Friday!

I've always loved a good skull design, and there are quite a few around right now, just in time for Halloween I remember when I was a lot less brave with clothes I bought a skull print scarf that I loved, but was too self conscious to wear it. Now I'd be more than happy to wear any of these great skull designs!

Skull dress by Mela (at Yumi.com), £25

Cream Pagan Skull Tshirt by New Look, £7.99
Pink Skull and Heart Socks by New Look, £1.99

Skull Jumper by Missguided, £19.99

Skull and Rose Earrings by New Look, £2.99
Skull Lace Dress by Mela at Yumi.com, £25
Pink Skull Print Jumper by New Look, £22.99

13 September 2012

Interesting Perspective - Project 52

While in London searching for Olympic mascot statues, I noticed this Sherlock Holmes outside Baker Street Tube Station. He always had an interesting perspective on things.

12 September 2012

Netflix choices...hmmm...

So, I've watched Supernatural, Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries as far as I can, and while I wait, incredibly impatiently, I need a new show to watch. I did start watching Bones but my boyfriend caught on to how good it is and now he keeps moaning when I skip ahead, so I figured I'd try something a bit more girly. I've narrowed it down to 3 things I've never seen - Charmed, Ghost Whisperer or Gossip Girl. Can anyone help me decide?

Tuesday Tunes (on a Wednesday)

Oops, I forgot to post yesterday. Here is another classic song that I've recently been listening to again....

Secret Smile by Semisonic

10 September 2012

Wizarding Lego Bench Monday

Looks like Harry and Luna have been having a nighttime rendezvous. What will Ginny say?

09 September 2012

Bye Bye Paralympics....

...and well done Paralympics Team GB.

07 September 2012

Fashion Find Friday!

I love a good heart pattern, and this week I found loads of them! (I even bought one...ssshhh). I'm also throwing in a few kisses for good measure......

First up is this  gorgeous jumper from ASOS.com - it looks so warm and snug, and makes me think fondly of the weather turning a bit chilly rather than dreading the winter.

ASOS, £35
Another ASOS find is this subtle jumper with heart shaped elbow patches - too cute.

ASOS, £22
I don't often splurge on a Yumi purchase, but I love this mustard cardigan and am tempted now it's £10 off! I have yellow hearts on my plush creatures and it seems like a sign!!!

Yumi.com, £40 reduced to £30

Time for a big sloppy kiss....

ASOS, £32
ASOS, £22
This dress from Miso at Republic was one I just couldn't resist, especially for £25. It has a gorgeous cut-out detailing on the back too. Really pretty.

Miso at Republic, £25
It seems hearts are really fashionable at the moment so I'm happy. I just need to find a yellow heart pattern dress - or perhaps I might even try to fashion one up myself - a touch of applique here and there!

06 September 2012

It's a Book - Project 52 Week 36

Pride & Prejudice......

'Elizabeth obeyed, and running into her own room for her parasol, attended her noble guest down stairs'

04 September 2012

Tuesday Tunes

I have my friend Hannah to thank for bringing The Black Keys to my attention this week. This song was an instant hit with me, and the dancing in the video is awesome!!!!!!!!

Lonely Boy by The Black Keys

Angry Fan Lego Bench Monday

For his sins, this little Lego dude is a Tottenham Hotspur fan. Unfortunately, Spurs aren't having the best start to the season. He's particularly angry because they sacked his favourite manager who was doing really well. COYS!

31 August 2012

Fashion Find Friday!

I love clothes, but I don't always have much money to spend, so I've taken up Pinterest shopping! It might not quite give me the thrill of lugging a full bag of pretty dresses home, but adding new stuff to my Pinterest style board is a damn sight cheaper. If you'd like to follow my board, here's the link.

This week I enjoyed drooling over the brand new Autumn Winter (yes, I know!!) collection from Yumi. I am totally in love with their print dresses, especially the one with a giant fox. I also found a funky fish print dress on eBay for you to enjoy..............

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