06 April 2012

F is for...Fashion (on the cheap!)

Like a lot of people, I don't have endless amounts of money to spend on clothes, but I love fashion and shopping. Thankfully for me, there has been a real trend for cheap 'throwaway' fashion on the high street, and online, in the past few years. Of course this isn't all good news - many cheap stores have been accused in the past of using sweatshops and exploiting workers in the developing world, and items can be of a much lower quality. I might be naive but I hope that this is improving and that stores are much more ethical than they used to be. Surely they have to be now awareness of these problems is so high. There are certainly more ethical trading claims in stores now.

With the negative side over, lets celebrate the fun side! The most obvious store to mention is Primark. I remember when it arrived in my town. I had never heard of it before, but I soon discovered the magic prices and its nickname 'Primani' (as in Armani). It often seems that everyone out shopping in town is clutching a brown paper Primark bag. I'm sure most of them just went in for a pair of socks and came out with 3 tops, a bag and 2 necklaces, or is that just me? 

A couple of my more recent discoveries are Apricot and Select. I found Apricot as a small concession in New Look, but they do have some stores of their own and a great website. I especially love their tunics and dresses.

A chance visit to a new Select store in town led me to find some much needed knitwear this winter, and their website has some fab spring/summer clothes now too.

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Catherine Stine said...

Hi, nice post. I love your banner and blog name, BTW. Have you seen the show Fashion Star? It's pretty fascinating to witness the buyers deciding whether or not to purchase the fashions. Gives you a real insight into what they have to deal with. Plus, I happen to really like Nicole Ritchie. :)
I'm over from A to Z, so pop on by if you like. Today, I'm #639 (It seems to move around a little). Cheers, Catherine

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