29 December 2010

Dubious Science Fact 20

The typical lifetime of a small cumulus cloud is between 10 to 15 minutes.

26 December 2010

The 365 Scientist - Days 163 - 166

Day 163

As I suggested, the 365 Scientist helped me wrap my presents today. He was in charge of the ribbons and bows, although he managed to get himself a little tangled up! We did wrap a mountain of presents though.
Day 164

With the Christmas food shopping completed today and the fridge full, the 365 Scientist went in search of yummy seasonal produce. I caught him trying to eat this special Stilton!
Day 165

I wanted to make sure the house is all clean and tidy for Christmas so I set about with the chores. The 365 Scientist helped by hoovering the stairs which is pretty tough when the hoover is more than twice the size of you!
Day 166

Time to put up the Christmas stocking over the fireplace! The 365 Scientist was a little concerned that all his presents aren't going to fit in his tiny stocking, but he'll have to wait and see!

24 December 2010

The 365 Scientist - Days 159 - 162

Day 159

Looks like the 365 Scientist has started the Christmas celebrations early with 2 massive alcoholic drinks! I don't think he'll be drinking all that if I've got anything to say about it!

Day 160

The 365 Scientist spotted the snow starting to fall and rushed outside. He certainly looks happy about it!

Day 161

Look at the snowman the 365 Scientist built today! Only kidding, he wasn't built today - it's Mr Frosty the snowman. They had great fun playing in the snow together all day until it got dark. 

Day 162

There's not much time left until the big day so the 365 Scientist started to wrap his presents today. I think he's doing a great job - I've got come he can wrap too!

23 December 2010

The 365 Scientist - Days 155 - 158

Day 155

The 365 Scientist made a start on writing his Christmas cards today. This one is for is friend, the Big Scientist. Hope I get one too.

Day 156

There was a spare piece of tinsel left over from decorating the Christmas tree the other day, so the 365 Scientist decided to decorate himself. I know he wants a scarf but I think tinsel might be a little stratchy and uncomfortable. Best to wait and see if Santa thought he deserved a present this year!
Day 157

Look who came to the door today with a card for the 365 Scientist - it's Postman Pat!! We're all wondering who the special card is from!
Day 158

Postman Pat decided to stay for a while to see who the 365 Scientist's card was from - and it turned out to be a handwritten card from Santa! Lucky Scientist!

22 December 2010

Dubious Science Fact 19

Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete.

20 December 2010

The 365 Scientist - Days 151 - 154

Day 151

I found this great mulled wine tea in the shop today and thought it would be a great alternative to mulled wine. The 365 Scientist made us both a cuppa, and it was almost as good as the real thing!

Day 152

After watching the local news and weather tonight and finding out that it was a very clear sky, the 365 Scientist immediately got out the binoculars and the map of the stars ready to head outside. Unfortunatley for him, I thought it was a bit late to be galavanting about outside, but I promised him we'd both go out to watch the sky tomorrow evening instead.

Day 153

The 365 Scientist is so impatient to get out and look at the stars with his binoculars. I did promise, but I think 3.51pm is a little early to be stargazing!
Day 154

Today the 365 Scientist chose and decorated our Christmas tree. See his guide on this blog here!

18 December 2010

The 365 Scientist - Days 147 - 150

Day 147

The 365 Scientist rushed outside this morning to say hello to his snow scientist, but was greeted with a bit of a surprise - he'd already started to melt.

Day 148

To attempt to make up for the disappointment of the snow scientist melting yesterday, I bought the 365 Scientist a proper ten-pin bowling set. I thought it would cheer him up a bit, and it means I can finally eat my orange he was using in his makeshift bowlling alley.
Day 149

To earn a bit more pocket money for his Blackberry fund, the 365 Scientist agreed to take on the thankless task of matching up pairs of freshly washed socks from the clothes dryer - 10p for each correct pair!

Day 150

Phew, the 365 Scientist needs a lay down after all that Christmas shopping! Nearly all done though so it was worth the hours traipsing around the town.

16 December 2010

The 365 Scientist - Days 143 - 146

Day 143

On waking this morning the 365 Scientist excitedly look out of the window, and to his delight there was a layer of snow! OK, so there wasn't much snow, but that didn't seem to bother him. Perhaps we'll get even more tonight.

Day 144

It's 1st December and the 365 Scientist was very excited to open door 1 of his Doctor Who advent calendar this morning. I don't think I'll be getting a look in with the chocolates this month!

Day 145

After praying for snow the last few days it finally arrived properly and the 365 Scientist ventured out into the garden and threw snowballs at himself (I didn't fancy going out there myself!). He was a little bluer than usual by the time he came in, and had to spend a while thawing out on the radiator. He wants to build a snowman tomorrow so I'll see if I can find him something a little warmer to wear by then!

Day 146

After making the 365 Scientist some fleece mittens and booties, he felt warm enough to go outside and make that snowman. I did have to help him as the snow was a bit too crumbly to stick together properly, but we managed to make a snow scientist in the end!

15 December 2010

Dubious Science Fact 18

An albatross can sleep while flying.

14 December 2010

The 365 Scientist - Days 139 - 142

Day 139

After an hour of struggling, I think the 365 Scientist was beginning to regret putting my gorgeous new hat on his head. I had to step in and rescue him - silly Scientist!

Day 140

He heard on the weather that the white stuff could be coming our way, so the 365 Scientist decided to look to the skies and pray for snow!

Day 141

After yesterdays prayer, the 365 Scientist rushed outside this morning to see if it had been answered, but unfortunatley there was no sign of any snow. He was very disappointed but there's still a chance of snow this week so he's holding out some hope. I won't tell him that I'm actually praying that it doesn't snow!

Day 142

After the disappointment of waking up this morning without snow, the 365 Scientist makes extra sure that we are due a flurry overnight by watching the weather forecast. It does say snow for the next couple of days so he might be in luck. Doubt it'll be enough for a snowman though, and I have a sneaky suspicion that is why he's been praying for snow!

12 December 2010

The 365 Scientist's Guide to the Christmas Tree

The 365 Scientist had such a fun day choosing and decorating our Christmas tree, that he wanted to share it all with you. So, here is his guide:

Step 1: Choose your tree based on size, needle drop, shape and general appeal. Be 100% confident that you've picked the right one.

Step 2 (optional): Bond with your tree. Spend some time with it. Maybe give it a name. Ours is called Ethel.

Step 3: Hug it tight and carry it home.

Step 4: Cut the netting at the bottom only so you can get to the trunk.

Step 5: Saw 1-2" off the bottom of the trunk. Be very careful to cut it straight.

Step 6: Take the tree indoors to it's final location. Place in your stand, and tighten the screws so it stands up nice and straight. (Not too tight so it hurts your new friend though).

Step 7:  Set your tree free by trimming off the rest of the netting, and allow it to have a good stretch.

Step 8: Untangle your fairy lights and then wrap them evenly around your tree.

Step 9: It's the moment of truth - hold your breath and turn on the power!

Step 10: Yay, success! Marvel for a while at the pretty lights.

Step 11: Avoid getting tangled up in your tinsel as you add a bit of sparkle to your tree.

Step 12: Hang baubles from your ears like earrings. (Err, I don't think this step is necessary, but I guess it is quite fun!).

Step 13: When you're done messing about, add the baubles to the branches. Make sure you decorate all the way round.

Step 14: Don't forget to give your new pal some water to drink, and top up every single day. 

Step 15: Voila! One gorgeous decorated tree!

Step 16: One last thing - a little Christmas hat to go on top! Or a star/fairy for the more conventional of you out there!

Thanks for reading! We hope you will all go out and follow these steps to a happy Christmas and a happy Christmas tree!

The 365 Scientist - Days 135 - 138

Day 135

I'm painting over a wall in my bedroom and I need a nice cream colour to use, so I gave the 365 Scientist the paint brochure to help me choose. Armed with the instruction of finding a pale cream colour he chose Sunshine Yellow and Midnight Blue - not quite what I had in mind!

Day 136

I came home today to find the 365 Scientist lying on the radiator! I guess it is pretty cold today, and I'd probably lay on the radiator too if I'd fit.

Day 137

The 365 Scientist was reading up on the internet about possible new hobbies he could try, and he decided to have a go at bowling! He could only find 6 toilet roll tubes so it's 6-pin bowling! I'll have to see if I can find a better ball for him though - I'd like to eat that orange at some point!

Day 138

The 365 Scientist has made a new friend today - a cute little monkey who arrived clinging to the box of teabags I bought. They shared afternoon tea together - how very civilised.

10 December 2010

The 365 Scientist - Days 131 - 134

Day 131

The 365 Scientist looked a little bemused at the large Ikea boxes sitting in our hallway. He had offered to put my new desk together for me, but I think he was starting to regret that!

Day 132 

Oh dear, the 365 Scientist was a little taken aback by the smoked Reindeer slices he found in the fridge. I bought them from Ikea when he wasn't looking, but he's worried it will affect his chances of receiving Christmas presents from Santa!

Day 133

After finding the Reindeer meat yesterday, the 365 Scientist decided to investigate the freezer contents too and was appalled to find the Springbok steaks I bought from Lidl! Oops. I'm really not in his good books now. 

Day 134

We made our first pie this evening and the 365 Scientist misunderstood somewhat and was ready to tuck into the whole thing by himself! I don't think he'd have managed it anyway but I persuaded him to share it in the end.
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