04 April 2011

MCP Project 52 Week 10/52 - Childhood Toys

A catch up on my Project 52:

For week 10 I created 2 entirely different photos. I eventually chose the one I did as my official entry because I've been told it is a better photo, although the reject shot is more 'me'.

This toy shop is actually in my street, and as the name suggests it sells toys from the past and the present. I added the sepia tone and then thought it might emphasise the toys if I kept them in vibrant colour while the rest looks like an old photo.

My reject photo:

This is my favourite childhood toy, Goldie, who I took everywhere with me. She is a little worn now but she is kept safe and in pride of place in my home. Here she is reminiscing about the past with a photo of me and her together when I was a little girl!

I kept the photo in colour while she is black and white to add some emphasis and focus on what she is looking at. Think it works pretty well.

1 comment:

Angeline said...

I do love your reject photo. I still have some very special childhood toys and they sit on a rocking chair in my office.

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