08 April 2011

G is for Groups

I love Flickr and as of today, I have joined 100 Flickr groups - hurray! So to celebrate I thought I'd make my 'G' post all about my favourite and most visited groups!

For the last year I've been taking lots of online courses in art, photography and journalling, so for their duration I tend to visit the group page every day to read, share and post. Most of these groups are private so I'll stick with the public ones so you can go and visit them too!

My 5 favourite public Flickr groups:

  • This is a brilliant photography challenge with a different theme each week. I am loving this project so much as it really is helping me become more creative. I've only got a digital compact camera and not a dSLR, but that doesn't matter at all - my latest photo was taken with my phone camera!
  • This group is full of photos of toys in strange places or doing weird activities! I have my own 365 Scientist who I photograph every day, and I share my photos on here. This group always makes me smile!

  • I love looking through everyone's sketchbook pages and it makes me feel so inspired to open my own. Plus there is a theme every month to work on - great for when you run out of ideas!

  • As the name suggests, this group is for photos of clouds! Cloudwatching is something I love doing, so it's great to share my own photos and look through everyone elses too. The sky really can be totally amazing.
  • When it comes to gift ideas, it can be so useful looking through this group to see what people have made here in the UK. There are so many unique ideas here.
Here's to the next 100 groups I join!

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