09 April 2011

H is for Hearts

I know there are probably thousands of heart-shaped and heart-themed items out there, but I love the slightly more unusual ones. For example, I made an anatomically-correct heart plush for Valentines Day, with the message 'blue without you' sewn onto the reverse:

Here are some other heart-themed items from Etsy:

Beat Black Heart Necklace by Beat Black

Shimmery Marriage Heart Formed Hands by Moonlight Aura

Two Hearts 7 x 5 Print  by Photos Will Fly

I've also got a little sneak preview of a new design range I'm working on, to do with the hearts theme:

Because I like heart-shaped things I'm always on the lookout for them and I found one in my crisp packet a while ago!

See you on Monday for 'G' day!


Angeline said...

I had a heart-shaped potato a few weeks ago and took photos of it. Awesome!

Donna Weaver said...


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