09 February 2011

'Plush Team Has Heart' Charity Fundraiser

The Plush Team holds bi-monthly projects or challenges, designed to push its members into creating something a little out of their comfort zone, based around a theme. For January/February, and obviously inspired by Valentine’s Day, the team challenge was simply to create a heart-themed plush. We decided to make this challenge a fundraiser for The International Children’s Heart Foundation, an international organization that works to bring aid to children in developing countries with congenital heart conditions. Please take a moment to look at their website and all the great work they do: http://www.babyheart.org/

All of the heart-themed plush made for this challenge are listed in the Plush Team shop, and either 50% or 100% of the proceeds from each sale will go to the ICHF. My own entry is maybe a little predictable – it is an anatomical heart plush! 

I made this from blue fleece and sewed the words ‘blue without you’ on the reverse, so it would make the perfect unusual gift for your Valentine this year! And you can feel extra happy with your purchase, knowing that you are also helping a very worthwhile cause.


Daph said...

Did it sell? I Can't find it

Fur Will Fly said...

Hi, yes sorry it sold yesterday! I can always make another if you wanted to buy one!

Danasaurus Rex said...

this is brilliant beyond recognition

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