18 February 2011

The 365 Scientist - Days 203 - 206

Day 203

The 365 Scientist fancied himself a bit of a rockstar today and entertained us with his guitar playing. He isn't half bad actually.

Day 204

Introducing....the 365 Scientist and the Monkeys! These little guys joined in on the act today playing the tambourine and maracas - the 365 Scientist is still the front man though.

Day 205
The 365 Scientist just finished reading War Horse for our book group. He thoroughly recommends it, and it made a change for him to be reading a fictional book rather than his usual bedtime reading of scientific textbooks!

Day 206

After noticing a slight rip in the seam of his lab coat, the 365 Scientist decided to sew it back up himself. He only had to ask and I would've done it for him.

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