16 February 2011

Get Your Paint On - Week 2

In week 2 we had to choose an artist we like and incorporate an aspect of their art in our own painting. At first I struggled to think of an artist, but after a bit of research online I found a few and narorwed it down to Cy Twombly.

I chose him because his painting is so different from any I have done, but I do like the abstract and experimental style.

My first attempt is based on the Autumn painting from his Four Seasons. I used autumn colours and a range of techniques to apply the paint. I definitely had fun with this one! I especially liked the scratching of the paint and splattering. I tried to do some drips and running paint but I couldn't get that to work.

I added the ink-drawn girl afterwards because I wanted to add my own style to it - I hope you think it's worked. Here is a photo of it before, when I just felt it was missing something:  
I did always intend to add an ink drawing to it, but felt very nervous about doing it when it came to it in case it looked completely wrong and I messed it all up!

My second attempt was a summer version of the painting. It has been pointed out that this one looks like an underwater scene - that wasn't my intention, but now it has been pointed out, that's what it looks like the most! I tried to use summery, beachy colours and add a splash of yellow to represent sunshine.

I'm really enjoying the course so far and can't wait for the next assignment! Receiving feedback is really boosting my confidence, and I'm loving seeing everyone else's work too!

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