03 February 2011

The 365 Scientist - Days 175 -178

Day 175

Yay, Happy New Year! The 365 Scientist seeing the new year in in style. This is him celebrating a few seconds after midnight!

Day 176

The 365 Scientist admiring his own artwork on our new 2011 Doodle Calendar.

Day 177

A sad day - the 365 Scientist helping me pack away the Christmas decorations and saying goodbye to Ethel the Christmas tree. We are both going to miss her lots - she was the first real tree I've ever had at Christmas. R.I.P. Ethel.

Day 178

As part of his New Year's Resolutions, the 365 Scientist wants to live healthier, so here he is taking his cod liver oil capsules. Well, more accurately, taking my cod liver oil capsules!

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