13 February 2011

The 365 Scientist - Days 183 - 186

Day 183

Whoop whoop, it's the 365 Scientist's halfway point today! Day 182.5!! He celebrated with a glass of wine and a big piece of chocolate cake. I gave him a little present too - a BlackBerry phone, just like he wanted! OK, it might actually be a replica toy version, but he's happy enough! Everyone he knows lives in the same house anyway so he doesn't really need a proper working phone!

Day 184

The 365 Scientist had some fun today sliding down the bannister!

Day 185

The 365 Scientist getting undressed for his bath. He was a bit reluctant to get wet so I just left him to it. He said he had a wash but I'm not so sure he ventured into the water at all!

Day 186

The 365 Scientist discovered that something had been digging in one of the pots in the garden, so he set about investigating!

1 comment:

Turtle said...

He looks happy! Those are some good bannister skills he has there.

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