16 February 2011

The 365 Scientist - Days 195 - 198

Day 195

The 365 Scientist just hanging out with Chocolate the Moose who has pride of place on my lounge wall.

Day 196

My free NPower electricity monitor arrived today and the 365 Scientist was so excited! You get to see just how much electricity you're using, and he had great fun switching things on and off all afternoon to see how much power they use - I think he's planning on drawing up graphs and everything!

Day 197

The 365 Scientist helped me make my anatomical heart plush today for the 'Plush Team has Heart" charity fundraiser. Well done us!

Day 198

The 365 Scientist and I finished a plush heart today for the Etsy Plush Team charity fundraiser, 'Plush Team has Heart'. It had to be anatomically correct of course!

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