14 February 2011

Get Your Paint On - Week 1

So, one of the many courses and projects I am taking part in at the moment is Get Your Paint On, run by Mati and Lisa. The assignment for week 1 was to create a painting inspired by the Gee's Bend quilters of Alabama. The main aim was to get used to the paint and techniques.

My first, and mini, attempt was a canvas in shades of blue – my favourite colour, and I thought I could display it in my bedroom afterwards.  

Painted in shades of blue acrylic paint.

After my first mini attempt, I got the idea to make my grid squares look like a landscape. I tried to make this look like a coastal scene - with the sand at the bottom, the blue-green sea in the middle and the blue sky at the top! I hope I've achieved that.

My original intention was to add a large silver rectangle and then draw a young girl in it with a black fineliner (I draw a similar girl figure in a lot of my art). However, when I was halfway through I thought that I'd probably leave it as it is when I'd finished painting these squares, and I think I will leave it like this now.

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