15 February 2011

The 365 Scientist - Days 191 - 194

Day 191

The 365 Scientist has been trying to eat healthily since the new year, and now he thinks it's about time he did more exercise too. He's decided to try out the 30 day shred DVD of mine. He's in for a shock - it's very very tough!

Day 192

I came home today to find the 365 Scientist in a bit of bother. He'd been doing that exercise DVD he found yesterday and seems to have injured his leg and completely worn himself out. Maybe exercise in moderation from now on!

Day 193

The 365 Scientist helped me out in the laboratory today by loading the mini centrifuge. He had such a great day!

Day 194
You'd have thought after the exercise DVD fiasco the other day, that the 365 Scientist would've shied away from any form of physical exertion, but I found him waiting for me in my gym bag this evening!

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