21 February 2011

MCP Project 52 Week 7/52 - Open Your Heart(s)

After my abstract interpretation of the theme last week, I went for a more literal one this week.

My intention was to find chocolate hearts with a soft centre and break the middle so that the runny centre was visible - an 'open heart'. I thought with it being Valentine's Day soon that there would be loads of these chocolate hearts about but I searched for ages before finding some small ones, but without the pink runny centre. I tried smashing and cutting the chocolates but all my inital shots of this look messy and ugly. I played about for ages but couldn't make it work so I was just about to totally abandon the idea when I happened to take a photo of the chocolate carnage I'd caused by unwrapping and smashing loads of hearts. This shot looked quite good with the bright red wrapping and the pile of hearts, so I set it up on white paper in my light tent and started snapping again!

This shot has just been altered slightly but increasing the colour saturation so the red looks really bright, decreasing the colour temperature so the chocolate didn't look too yellow, and cropping it to improve the composition.
Many photos later I am satisfied with this one!

Even the 365 Scientist got in on the act this week:

And yes, it was torture unwrapping all those chocolates and trying not to eat them!

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get stuff done said...

hey FWF! Just a note to say THANK YOU for your beautiful wee painting. Wow you have such a delicate hand. I could not do something so fine. I hope that you will like what I am sending you! I am so sorry I am late - to be honest I totally forgot about it all so I have been manically creating the past two nights - and loving it I must say. It will be winging its way to you tomorrow. Love your story. Keep up the creativity! x Mo

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