12 March 2011

Get Your Paint On - Week 5

The final assignment was pretty open - just to create a painting using knowledge we'd gained during the course. Well I realised just how much I had learnt when it came to planning this one.I worked out my subject matter from the list I made of things I like and am drawn to - namely for this one, tea, pretty china, clouds and the sea! I knew I wanted to paint one of my female figures, so she's sipping a lovely cup of tea by the coast - having a moment of calm before the impending storm! I took a photo of me holding a teacup in the right pose so I had a reference to work from.

The main thing I've learnt from GYPO is use of colour - I don't use any straight out of the tube anymore, and I try to think about the temperature of the colours. So, for this one I worked on the composition principle that either warm or cool colours should dominate, and used mostly cool colours, with less warm colour added in for interest. I thought about focal point by cropping the image offcentre and placing the face on an intersection of the rule of thirds. The painting is 16" x 20".

I'm really pleased with how it turned out and as I said, it made me realise just how much I've learnt from this course - thank you Mati and Lisa!

For anyone interested here are a few photos of the work in progress:


i.ikeda said...

The painting looks lovely! My last assignment didn't turn out very well, although I also feel like I learned a lot. I just didn't have any time that week. One day I'll go back and re-do it.

I love the way you did the clouds for this.

Deborah Cardinal said...

Gorgeous painting! Love the waves - they look so real! It sounds like a really good course. :)

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