03 March 2011

The 365 Scientist - Days 215 - 218

Day 215

I had to do my homework for my Get Your Paint On course, so the 365 Scientist helped me set up my work area.

Day 216

After completing my painting assignment yesterday, the 365 Scientist spent today analysing my creation. It is an abstract based on the artist Cy Twombly, so I can understand why he looks a little confused!

Day 217

While in the middle of my Project 52 photoshoot, I turned my back for a minute and the 365 Scientist was gobbling up the chocolate hearts! I guess I can't blame him - they are pretty yummy.
Day 218

This is the scene I found when I got up today - the 365 Scientist had made me a special Valentine's breakfast complete with heart-shaped fried egg, cup of tea, candle and rose petals! How sweet is that?

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