02 March 2011

Small Wonders: Feb/Mar 2011

After the Bid Dreams, Small Wonders ecourse, Louise Gale has set up a monthly Small Wonders feature where we can share our review of the past month and goals for the next. I think this is a great way to acknowledge what we have achieved and to think about what we want out of the coming month. So, here are my Small Wonders for March:

1) What you are most proud of/what you accomplished this month?

In my spare time, most of this month centred on the online painting course, Get Your Paint On. I spent a lot of time dreaming up ideas for paintings and then creating them on canvas. I think I needed the push to paint because it can be daunting staring at a blank canvas with a brain full of ideas but no way to express them. I also started running on my treadmill again. Running is one of those things that I so desperately want to be good at, but find so bloody hard! I’ve surprised myself at how much I’ve enjoyed it, and how much quicker I can go than I thought. I have a 10k race to do in June and need to beat my time from last year (and this will be my second 10k ever), so I’m pleased I’ve started working towards that already. Another achievement has been doing so well with my healthy eating – I’m back in my jeans and determined to keep it going.

2) How you are going to acknowledge these moments and celebrate? 

When the painting course ends this week, I am planning on hanging one painting from each week in a row on my wall to celebrate – my own mini art gallery! I also want to tidy up my creating space and hang a noticeboard on the wall so I can pin up things to remind me of what I’ve achieved.
3)  3) If you had a theme for February?
      My February themes were to be motivated and creative – I made a dreamboard in my journal and most of it centred around ‘just getting on with it’ and on getting fitter and stronger, both mentally and physically.
4.    4) Any challenges you recognised?

      The main challenge was to create a painting each week for the course, and to really start analysing my work. I faced quite a few challenges with the actual painting – I struggled with subject matter, how to apply the paint, canvas size and all sorts of indecision. The main thing was I carried on, and worked through them.

5.     5) Your intentions and focus for the next month?
      My March intentions are to:
a)      Continue painting every week and creating new ideas for art
b)      Work on creating a balance between art and sewing – I tend to focus on one at a time but I need to keep both going strong
c)      Continue to increase and improve my running
d)     Start selling on Ebay from the ever-growing Ebay-pile/room, and de-clutter my creating and storage space. I have a real problem of too much stuff and not enough space.   

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Concetta said...

Good to 'meet' you and thanks so much for coming to my blog home! Congrats on what you did this month - a lot of it resonated with me (getting balance etc...). Look forward to seeing your etsy shop up and running ;)

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