08 March 2011

The 365 Scientist - Days 219 - 222

Day 219

The 365 Scientist having a contemplative moment in the garden while cloudwatching.
Day 220
While I was painting this evening, the 365 Scientist helped me out by passing me the right colours. I made sure he didn't get any paint on his white coat though!
Day 221
After hearing on the local weather that there was a very slim chance of seeing the Northern Lights tonight, the 365 Scientist quickly reached for his binoculars and headed outside. Unfortunately all he saw was blackness - not even a star was on show because of the pesky clouds.

Day 222

I bought this fab book the other day on Street Art and grafitti, and the 365 Scientist wanted to check it out for himself. I've warned him not to go out around town with a spraycan of his own though!


Jenny Blair said...

Amazing photos....that top one with the sky backdrop is just stunning!! wispy clouds and sky that compliments the 365 scientist perfectly heehee!:)x

i.ikeda said...

The 365 scientist is one busy little guy, eh? Checking out art (graffiti art is amazing!), helping you paint, and even find time to relax, wow. I love the picture of him watching the clouds.

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