12 December 2010

The 365 Scientist's Guide to the Christmas Tree

The 365 Scientist had such a fun day choosing and decorating our Christmas tree, that he wanted to share it all with you. So, here is his guide:

Step 1: Choose your tree based on size, needle drop, shape and general appeal. Be 100% confident that you've picked the right one.

Step 2 (optional): Bond with your tree. Spend some time with it. Maybe give it a name. Ours is called Ethel.

Step 3: Hug it tight and carry it home.

Step 4: Cut the netting at the bottom only so you can get to the trunk.

Step 5: Saw 1-2" off the bottom of the trunk. Be very careful to cut it straight.

Step 6: Take the tree indoors to it's final location. Place in your stand, and tighten the screws so it stands up nice and straight. (Not too tight so it hurts your new friend though).

Step 7:  Set your tree free by trimming off the rest of the netting, and allow it to have a good stretch.

Step 8: Untangle your fairy lights and then wrap them evenly around your tree.

Step 9: It's the moment of truth - hold your breath and turn on the power!

Step 10: Yay, success! Marvel for a while at the pretty lights.

Step 11: Avoid getting tangled up in your tinsel as you add a bit of sparkle to your tree.

Step 12: Hang baubles from your ears like earrings. (Err, I don't think this step is necessary, but I guess it is quite fun!).

Step 13: When you're done messing about, add the baubles to the branches. Make sure you decorate all the way round.

Step 14: Don't forget to give your new pal some water to drink, and top up every single day. 

Step 15: Voila! One gorgeous decorated tree!

Step 16: One last thing - a little Christmas hat to go on top! Or a star/fairy for the more conventional of you out there!

Thanks for reading! We hope you will all go out and follow these steps to a happy Christmas and a happy Christmas tree!


Felicia said...

An excellent Christmas tree guide :)

LEFTZ said...

I love it :D

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