12 December 2010

The 365 Scientist - Days 135 - 138

Day 135

I'm painting over a wall in my bedroom and I need a nice cream colour to use, so I gave the 365 Scientist the paint brochure to help me choose. Armed with the instruction of finding a pale cream colour he chose Sunshine Yellow and Midnight Blue - not quite what I had in mind!

Day 136

I came home today to find the 365 Scientist lying on the radiator! I guess it is pretty cold today, and I'd probably lay on the radiator too if I'd fit.

Day 137

The 365 Scientist was reading up on the internet about possible new hobbies he could try, and he decided to have a go at bowling! He could only find 6 toilet roll tubes so it's 6-pin bowling! I'll have to see if I can find a better ball for him though - I'd like to eat that orange at some point!

Day 138

The 365 Scientist has made a new friend today - a cute little monkey who arrived clinging to the box of teabags I bought. They shared afternoon tea together - how very civilised.

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