14 December 2010

The 365 Scientist - Days 139 - 142

Day 139

After an hour of struggling, I think the 365 Scientist was beginning to regret putting my gorgeous new hat on his head. I had to step in and rescue him - silly Scientist!

Day 140

He heard on the weather that the white stuff could be coming our way, so the 365 Scientist decided to look to the skies and pray for snow!

Day 141

After yesterdays prayer, the 365 Scientist rushed outside this morning to see if it had been answered, but unfortunatley there was no sign of any snow. He was very disappointed but there's still a chance of snow this week so he's holding out some hope. I won't tell him that I'm actually praying that it doesn't snow!

Day 142

After the disappointment of waking up this morning without snow, the 365 Scientist makes extra sure that we are due a flurry overnight by watching the weather forecast. It does say snow for the next couple of days so he might be in luck. Doubt it'll be enough for a snowman though, and I have a sneaky suspicion that is why he's been praying for snow!

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