24 December 2010

The 365 Scientist - Days 159 - 162

Day 159

Looks like the 365 Scientist has started the Christmas celebrations early with 2 massive alcoholic drinks! I don't think he'll be drinking all that if I've got anything to say about it!

Day 160

The 365 Scientist spotted the snow starting to fall and rushed outside. He certainly looks happy about it!

Day 161

Look at the snowman the 365 Scientist built today! Only kidding, he wasn't built today - it's Mr Frosty the snowman. They had great fun playing in the snow together all day until it got dark. 

Day 162

There's not much time left until the big day so the 365 Scientist started to wrap his presents today. I think he's doing a great job - I've got come he can wrap too!

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