18 December 2010

The 365 Scientist - Days 147 - 150

Day 147

The 365 Scientist rushed outside this morning to say hello to his snow scientist, but was greeted with a bit of a surprise - he'd already started to melt.

Day 148

To attempt to make up for the disappointment of the snow scientist melting yesterday, I bought the 365 Scientist a proper ten-pin bowling set. I thought it would cheer him up a bit, and it means I can finally eat my orange he was using in his makeshift bowlling alley.
Day 149

To earn a bit more pocket money for his Blackberry fund, the 365 Scientist agreed to take on the thankless task of matching up pairs of freshly washed socks from the clothes dryer - 10p for each correct pair!

Day 150

Phew, the 365 Scientist needs a lay down after all that Christmas shopping! Nearly all done though so it was worth the hours traipsing around the town.

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