20 December 2010

The 365 Scientist - Days 151 - 154

Day 151

I found this great mulled wine tea in the shop today and thought it would be a great alternative to mulled wine. The 365 Scientist made us both a cuppa, and it was almost as good as the real thing!

Day 152

After watching the local news and weather tonight and finding out that it was a very clear sky, the 365 Scientist immediately got out the binoculars and the map of the stars ready to head outside. Unfortunatley for him, I thought it was a bit late to be galavanting about outside, but I promised him we'd both go out to watch the sky tomorrow evening instead.

Day 153

The 365 Scientist is so impatient to get out and look at the stars with his binoculars. I did promise, but I think 3.51pm is a little early to be stargazing!
Day 154

Today the 365 Scientist chose and decorated our Christmas tree. See his guide on this blog here!

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