26 December 2010

The 365 Scientist - Days 163 - 166

Day 163

As I suggested, the 365 Scientist helped me wrap my presents today. He was in charge of the ribbons and bows, although he managed to get himself a little tangled up! We did wrap a mountain of presents though.
Day 164

With the Christmas food shopping completed today and the fridge full, the 365 Scientist went in search of yummy seasonal produce. I caught him trying to eat this special Stilton!
Day 165

I wanted to make sure the house is all clean and tidy for Christmas so I set about with the chores. The 365 Scientist helped by hoovering the stairs which is pretty tough when the hoover is more than twice the size of you!
Day 166

Time to put up the Christmas stocking over the fireplace! The 365 Scientist was a little concerned that all his presents aren't going to fit in his tiny stocking, but he'll have to wait and see!

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