10 December 2010

The 365 Scientist - Days 131 - 134

Day 131

The 365 Scientist looked a little bemused at the large Ikea boxes sitting in our hallway. He had offered to put my new desk together for me, but I think he was starting to regret that!

Day 132 

Oh dear, the 365 Scientist was a little taken aback by the smoked Reindeer slices he found in the fridge. I bought them from Ikea when he wasn't looking, but he's worried it will affect his chances of receiving Christmas presents from Santa!

Day 133

After finding the Reindeer meat yesterday, the 365 Scientist decided to investigate the freezer contents too and was appalled to find the Springbok steaks I bought from Lidl! Oops. I'm really not in his good books now. 

Day 134

We made our first pie this evening and the 365 Scientist misunderstood somewhat and was ready to tuck into the whole thing by himself! I don't think he'd have managed it anyway but I persuaded him to share it in the end.

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