06 September 2010

Meet Eirene

My first listing in We Will Fly is Eirene. She was named after the spirit of peace and goddess of the springtime, as she is made of natural springtime colours. Eirene was one of the first of my newly designed creatures to be made.

The floral fabric is repurposed - it was from a selection of fabrics given to me by my mum who had been hanging onto them for many years, just in case they came in handy, and I'm glad she did! I love this fabric and it matches the green fabric so well. The lace on the wings is from some net curtain fabric I rescued from a charity shop. All other trimmings and fabrics were bought new, so she is a mixture of ages!  

Eirene loves the natural world. She can often be found wandering amongst the flora and fauna in the forest. I like to think of her as a creature you might sense when you're out in the countryside, but when you turn around you can't see anyone there. You might even see her out of the corner of your eye, but she won't reveal herself properly. 

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