16 September 2010

The 365 Scientist - Days 63-66

Day 63

The 365 Scientist proudly displaying my Go Ape certificate! He was going to join me on the treetop obstacle course, but it started raining and he decided to stay in the car. I don't blame him, although it was fun as well as scary! Maybe next time.

Day 64

Excited by our new Diana Mini camera, the 365 Scientist and I went to the local park and took some practice shots. Can't wait to see them! We love our new Diana!

Day 65

This is exactly how I felt when I finished reading 'Wolf Hall' by Hilary Mantel today. Exhausted but relieved. The 365 Scientist and I both agreed that the story about Henry VIII was good, but very very hard to read. Thank God it's finished!

Day 66

The 365 Scientist helping out by hoovering up the crumbs in the kitchen with my little piggy tabletop hoover!


Rachel Nixon said...

The photo with Wolf Hall made me LOL- I'm only 100 pages in and have given up, but only temporarily as I'm reading it for a book group....is it worth the slog?!

Fur Will Fly said...

I was reading it for a book group too and that's the only reason I continued. The story is OK but nothing that amazing happens so it's just whether you can handle the style of writing for 650 pages!! I ended up not trying to work out who said what or who they were talking about, and just read the words hoping the story would make sense!! I'd say that unless you need to, don't bother. Very frustrating book. I'll never read another book by her ever again.

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