08 September 2010

The 365 Scientist - Days 55-58

Day 55

So after yesterday's moment of madness with the fire alarm, the 365 Scientist regained his composure and spent this morning learning about fire safety. I'm not sure playing with the fire extinguishers is a great idea, but looks like fun!

Day 56

Hey, can't you read that label 365 Scientist? It says smoking kills and here you are rolling a cigarette, and looking rather happy about it. That is very naughty behaviour and I expected better of you.

Day 57

Oh, the smoking was all part of an experiment huh? And today you're using nicotine patches to give up? That's OK then. Hope he learnt some important lessons about the addictivity of cigarettes.

Day 58 

Still on his fire and smoking drive, the 365 Scientist decided to test all my smoke alarms. My eardrums confirm that they are all in working order.

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