06 September 2010

The 365 Scientist - Days 51-54

Day 51

I picked up a bargain table easel from Lidl and the 365 Scientist set to work putting it together for me. The cutest little spanner came in the box!

Day 52

Ooh, what shade of hair dye have you chosen 365 Scientist? Natural warm auburn huh? Very nice.

Day 53

Looks like you've pulled! To celebrate the opening of my new shop the 365 Scientist spent the afternoon hanging out with 2 of my new creatures!

Day 54


Hey, what are you up to there 365 Scientist? You're looking a little guilty. You haven't pressed that button have you? I don't see a fire. 


Bumpo said...

HAHA, he's a scamp aint he?

Fur Will Fly said...

He certainly is! I never know what he's going to get up to!

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