14 September 2010

Experimental Art Course - Wild Sketchbooks - Doodling

Yesterday was the first day of Amelia Critchlow's Experimental Art Course! I'm very excited to be taking my first art course. The first week is called Wild Sketchbooks and the first assignment was doodling, which I've been loving lately anyway. 

I tested out some different materials and shapes first:

Then I moved on to some doodles. I started out drawing random squiggles and lines with my aqua promarkers then I went over them with water. I then drew the fairy character very quickly and added the sleeping girl in the background as I thought the whole thing looked like a dream coming from her head. I added more lines with the aqua promarkers to fill in the remaining white spaces.  I enjoyed creating this as I didn't have a plan at all - I just did whatever I thought at the time! I never usually work like that.

I really love drawing female characters, most of which have been quite sad and solemn lately, and this time I drew just the girl's head and added the random fineliner squiggles in various colours and some lino print wings over the top.

For the last doodle, I started by drawing a tree-shaped outline and then decided to fill in the rest of the page only using lines of different colours with my 0.3mm fineliners.


Bumpo said...

these are really cool

Fur Will Fly said...

Thanks Bumpo! I'm having so much fun just messing about with different materials!

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