24 September 2010

Experimental Art Course - Week One Combination

So, the last thing suggested for this week was to mix and match some or all of the techniques we'd used in the 3 assignments. I was looking forward to seeing how the different materials would look together. I knew I wanted to start with a watercolour background so I used green and blue shades and mixed them together on the page using a foam brush. 

Then I looked for images to use and found the horse in a copy of Vogue, the butterflies on some old notelets and the meadow from another magazine. The phrase 'twilight zone' stood out as I flicked through the pictures so I used that as the basis for my odd creation. I used the ink blot again and the girl pen and ink drawing to finish it off. I wanted it to look like the horse was running out of the sea, and the butterflies were flying into the meadow. Really pleased with how it turned out.


Bumpo said...

wow, you're really thriving on this course! keep it up :)

Fur Will Fly said...

Thank you! It's a lot of fun!

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