23 September 2010

Experimental Art Course - Wild Sketchbooks - Paper

The final assignment was to use paper in lots of different ways to produce collages and random shapes or pictures. I've got a small stash of fashion magazines that I've bought lately just to take pictures and words from, so I trawled them and my box of pictures to find suitable subjects. I started by choosing a few random pictures then noticed the theme I'd chosen was quite calming and relaxing, so they worked well together. 

I love cutting up old books (rescued from charity shops for this purpose - I get weird about cutting up my own old books!), so I wanted to use some pages of my 'Poems by Shelley' book. For the first experiment I scrunched up a calming background picture then added a simple silhouette of a woman and some bird shapes cut from the book. I was going to add more but I decided it would then be too crowded.

For the second paper experiment, I used a beautiful sepia photo of the sea from a magazine, ripped it into strips and wove it back together! I cut the female shape from the rest of the picture. I'm so pleased with this even though there's not much going on! It just looks very serene to me and reminds me of sitting watching the sea in Cornwall on holiday. I could sit there all day I think!

Lastly, I looked through the fashion mags again and cut out all the industrial backgrounds and the pretty flowers. I thought a combination of harsh lines and materials with pretty colourful flowers would be interesting.

I love using paper and collage in journaling and for creating mood boards etc, but I've never really used it in this way to create art before. I'd love to combine collage with paint and drawing. There is just the question of copyright to look into. If I was going to sell the art, I need to find out what copyright issues there are. 

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