22 July 2011

Number 25 :Cook at least 12 new things from recipes

Another ongoing item on my 30 before 30 list is to encourage me to try cooking new things. Like most people I tend to stick to cooking the same old meals – most of which are just ‘something and veg’ or ‘something and salad’. I love making burgers and finding new ways to cook salmon, but I rarely make anything that involves much time. From my book shelves you’d think I was a rather adventurous cook – always trying out new recipes and experimenting, but alas, these books just represent the failed good intentions of the past. Occasionally I might dig one out, flip through the pages, drool over the yummy pictures then go and stick some bread in the toaster to quench my appetite, but that’s usually as far as it goes. A lot of recipes need over ten ingredients, most of which I don’t own (I didn’t even know there was that many types of vinegar for example!), and then time and skill to boot. 

Every now and again I like to bake cakes and muffins – it is usually quite difficult to mess up a simple cake recipe. I have a little muffin book full of yummy suggestions, including savoury muffins, but I always stick to a favourite few. I want to break out of my comfort zone, invest in a few of those unusual ingredients and give things a go. Once a month at least, I aim to flip through those pages, settle on a recipe and create it! Wish me luck! My first disaster creation is coming up soon!

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