14 July 2011

Number 23: Musical Discovery 1

Following on from yesterdays post I can happily announce that my first artist is.......

......................The Pierces!

I actually discovered them purely by chance when an advert came on for their new album. The songs caught my eye and the advert was narrated by Jo Whiley, so I thought they might be worth a listen. I listened to the previews on Amazon and put in my order. I've just been downloading music lately rather than buying the CDs, but I want to have some nice new 'real' music for my collection!

I'm listening to the CD as I type this so I can give you a quick insight into the album.....

You'll be Mine: The first track starts off with a nice happy feel and some lovely harmonies. It is really catchy and I was singing along straight away. There is a fairytale theme to it which I love too.

It Will Not Be Forgotten: A slow start builds to a sixties-feel melody. It also has quite a country-folk feel to it. Not one of my favourites but I rarely fastforward it all the same.

Love You More: My favourite! It starts with the most amazing riff and then adds in some great lyrics and melody. I can't help but sing along (badly). I don't know if it makes me smile just because of the background riff and drum beat or because I love the words - either way, I love it and usually play it twice!

We Are Stars: Being a lot slower than the others this one didn't stand out at all when I first heard it, and I thought it was quite dull. On hearing it again and properly listening to the lyrics, I realised it has some lovely poetic words and isn't boring at all. Not an instant favourite but a definite grower.

Glorious: As soon as I heard this I thought I recognised it - even though I'm pretty sure I've never heard it before. Very sixties/seventies, and for some reason it reminds me a bit of Abba! I'm probably on my own there. The words might be a bit sickly sweet but I think it is the perfect upbeat summery song - very catchy and uplifting. God bless the world indeed.....

The Good Samaritan: Another slow one. Starts with a simple guitar and adds a simple melody. I kept expecting it to build to something but apart from adding in some harmonies, it stays very slow and simple - which makes it rather beautiful. Great lyrics again too.

Kissing You Goodbye: Hooked from the opener again - I love the tragic lyrics which conjure up Shakepearean love stories to me and makes me think of Ophelia and Hamlet, or Romeo and Juliet. Again, I'm probably alone here. I love a good tragic love story - as long as its not mine!

Close My Eyes: Very seventies Abba-style song mixed with some country music (but in a good way - it's not cheesy). A cross between Abba and country music isn't probably the most flattering way to describe something! It's actually quite a sexy slow song. Catchy again too - easy lyrics to pick up.

Space + Time: Reminds me of KT Tunstall this time. A slightly better comparison! The bridge and chorus are particularly good. By the time the chorus kicks in I remember how much I like this one. A bit more modern than the feel of the others. Beautiful singing.

Drag You Down: This one doesn't particularly stand out but is perfectly nice. More country-folk style.

I Put Your Records On: The only song I don't particularly like. It's OK but I can see why it is last.

You know the best thing about finding The Pierces now is that they already released 3 other albums before this one! So I have even more music by them to discover and I don't have to wait long. Although I did have a quick listen to the previews on Amazon of their previous album and it doesn't sound anywhere near as good. I'll give it a chance sometime though. Anyone heard it already?

Looking forward to next months artist already - I did a bit of searching and have an album in mind.

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