12 July 2011

Number 23: Discover at least 1 new musical artist every month

Number 23 of my 30 Before 30 project is ongoing throughout the year, but I thought I'd give you a little info on it before revealing my choices each month. 

I added this one to my list because I love music but just haven't listened to anything new for ages. I used to listen to the radio, buy music magazines and go to festivals, so I'd always be finding new bands and singers I liked, but since all that stopped the only new music I hear is on TV. So I wanted to put that right. 

I'd like to find a radio station that plays new music that I could bear to listen to, but I'm fussy. I don't like Radio 1 anymore because it's full of DJs I hate playing practical jokes and prank calls on other idiots. Radio 2 could be a possibility as they now have a load of younger DJs (basically Radio 1 cast-offs from what I can see), but I don't like a lot of talking - I like music. Unless it's funny or interesting. For some reason I hate radio plays so Radio 4 is out. In my house DAB radios only play a few stations so I got rid of mine - there is always the TV radio stations and the computer I know, but I just like to listen to the radio on a radio/stereo! I do quite like Kerrang sometimes, but I have to be in the mood. Whinge over. If anyone has any suggestions I'd happily give them a go!

I could buy music magazines again, but I need to actually hear the music to decide if I like someone, so that seems an expensive and slightly useless option. So, like with most things, I will probably resort to the internet to find music I like. Amazon is great for previewing the songs and suggesting other artists you might like, and I'm sure there are some good sites for finding artists - again, any suggestions would be brilliant!

To give you some idea of the music I like, this is my absolute favourite album:

I have liked My Vitriol from the second I first heard 'Always: Your Way' on The Evening Session (Radio 1) with Steve Lamacq in 2000. I went to see them whenever I could and waited, very patiently, for a second album. This never came. I am still waiting. Musicians, huh.

My first new musical discovery will be revealed very soon. If you've been following my 365 Self project then you'll already know who it is.


Deborah Cardinal said...

Finelines is really good! It is a shame they never released anything else. :(

I'm not sure what to suggest in terms of a radio station because I rarely listen to it, or if I do I listen to BBC6 Music on digital or Classic FM, depending on my mood.

Do you use last.fm? I find that very useful for music & gig recommendations based on your current taste (assuming you listen to music on a computer?). Spotify is great too for listening to albums for free - you have to put up with occasional adverts unless you're willing to pay the monthly subscription, but it's still a good way to find new music for free.

I hope that sort of helps?! Not sure what else to suggest. Other than trading mix CDs with people!

Fur Will Fly said...

Hi, thanks, I just joined last.fm - definitely worth a look around! Not tried spotify yet either but I'll give that a go too!

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